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What does food have to do with robotics? This year's First Lego League (FLL) Challenge has the theme: Food Factor. You can see more information about the project and robot challenge at the following website:

Expectations of Lego Robotics Team

Welcome to the LEGO robotics season! LEGO league is a competition organized by the FIRST organization. FIRST: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. It is a nationwide organization that has organized Junior Robotics competitions like LEGO league and senior robotics competitions. You can learn more about the organization and the LEGO competitions at their website, http://www.usfirst.org.

1.       You will make every effort to attend all practices. You should arrive on time and stay for the entire practice time. If you cannot make the practice, you should let your team coach know in advance that you will be absent. Your team and the success of the team depend on you to participate, be responsible and attend meetings/practices. Students may only have 3 excused absences from meetings/practice and 1 excused absence from a competition before being dropped from the team

2.      We ask for a contribution of $75 from each participating member to cover initial team registration, registration for competitions throughout the season, possibly T-shirts, batteries and other incidentals. Please make checks payable to Wilson Middle School. (Please put students name on the check in the memo section.)

3.       You are expected to act as “gracious professionals” at all times. Although this is a competition, FIRST team members help other teams whenever possible. You should feel free to ask for technical help from other teams and give information freely. This is a learning experience above all else. Students will have different levels of experience, and that is OK.

4.      LEGO league is NOT a spectator sport. You are expected to participate fully in building the robot, programming the robot and developing winning strategies for the competitions. You are also expected to arrive on time to the tournaments and participate in the competitions.

5.       You will have a role on the team. You will be expected to fulfill your responsibility to the best or your ability. You are expected to be friendly, respectful and helpful to all the team members at all times during practices and the tournaments. You are also expected to clean up after yourself and pick up all pieces before being excused from practice.

6.      You are expected to maintain your academic grades and citizenship in all of your classes. If grades begin to decline, team members may be put on a temporary probation from practices/competitions until grades improve.


1.       You are responsible for getting your child to the practices and picking them up after the practices. You are responsible for your child’s behavior during practice and at tournaments/ competitions.

2.      Please see contributions noted in #2 and expectations in #1 in the team member expectations above.

3.       Parent involvement really benefits the team. Therefore, you will need to participate to help the team in some way, this may include: attending and helping at the competitions, providing snacks or other services for the team members; and providing carpools to the competitions.

4.      You are responsible for getting your child to and from competitions or making suitable arrangements.

5.       If your child brings home a kit of robot parts, you and your child are responsible for returning all the parts in working order. Each team is responsible for caring for their robot and pieces. You, your child and your child’s team are responsible for replacing any lost robot kits or pieces that are damaged or destroyed during the season.

During September, October, November, and December the team will be practicing at Wilson MS, Room 1225 Ms. Inglish’s or occasionally,  1235 Mrs. Jackson’s room from 3:15 to 4:15pm Mondays and Wednesdays. In the beginning of November the competition season will begin.  We hope to participate in local and/or qualifying tournaments (TBA) and, if we qualify, possibly LEGOLAND. For more information you can contact Mrs. Jackson or Ms. Inglish at:PJackson@gusd.net or minglish@gusd.net  or (818) 244- 2050 EXT 1235 (Mrs. Jackson) 1225 (Ms. Inglish)

Robotics Club Info Sheet

Turn in to Room 1235 or 1225 on or before Friday, September 9th.

Please sign below to indicate that you have read the forgoing letter and agree to the “expectations” sections. By signing below you further agree not to hold your team, coach, Paula Jackson, Mary Inglish or any volunteers or representatives responsible for injuries to or misbehavior of your child or of other children during FIRST LEGO league practices, competitions or tournaments or during travel to and from same.

Additionally, the only way we are going to make this work is from help from YOU the parents/ guardians. Please provide us with an email or phone number so that we can contact you as needed.  Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions or suggestions.   Thanks for your help. Please write neatly.

Student Name _____________________________ HR Room ______________

Student signature_____________________________   Date ________________

Parent(s) ________________________________________________________________________

Parent signature(s)________________________________________________ Date _____________

EMAIL(s) __________________________________________


Phone # (______) _______ - _______________ Cell Phone #_______ - _______________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Parent Involvement--Please check at least 2 options you are able to do below:

_____ Host weekend practice days in your home

_____ Carpool team members to competitions and help to supervise students

_____ Attend competitions with your child and help to supervise students

_____ Community Liaison (Contact local businesses for donations)

_____ Provide snacks for meetings and competitions

_____ Assistant Coach (must be available to attend practices)

Please make checks payable to Wilson Middle School for $75.  Include student name in the memo.

Student Class Schedule:            Subject                                               Teacher                                              Room #

Period 1




Period 2




Period 3




Period 4




Period 5




Period 6






National Robotics Week
(http://www.nationalroboticsweek.org/events); and The University of Southern California (USC) usually has a Robotics Open House in April   

For more information on this event:
Visit http://ilab.usc.edu/events/roh2011/
Visit itti@usc.edu