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Mr. Andrews: Choir, Guitar, Stage Band

  • Welcome to Room 4104. Mr. Andrews teaches Choir, Guitar, and Stage Band.

  • Quarter 2: Week 1

    Posted by John ANDREWS at 10/11/2015

    Choir: The choir is in tripple concert prep with Halloween and Veterans' Day around the corner followed quickly by the Winter Show. So much to do! Advanced Choir heads to festival on Tuesday at GHS. Advanced Choir wears black and white and walks over to GHS at 12:00. Festival runs from 2:00 -4:00 pm. Parents may attend.


    Stage Band: We will start work on Paint it Black and finish up arrangements for the Halloween Songs.


    Guitar: Duet recital will be Wednesday. Next we take on the 3rd string. 

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  • Last week of the Quarter

    Posted by John ANDREWS at 10/4/2015

    This is the last week of the quarter. Grades are due on Friday (which is a mini-day) so any make-up work needs to be in by then.


    Choir and Stage Band:

    We will begin preparing for the Halloween show that comes in just 3.5 weeks.



    8th graders will take their combining  strings recitals on Monday. On Tuesday we begin a short lesson on duets with the recital next week.



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  • Fall Concert Week

    Posted by John ANDREWS at 9/27/2015

    Fall Concert:

    Please join us for the Wilson Fall Music Concert on Thursday at 6:00 PM in the Wilson Auditorium. Tickets are available pre-sale for $2 or on the night of the show for $3. The Choirs and Stage Band will be performing along with Mrs. Svetich's Symphonic Orchestra.



    All choir and stage band students must attend the afterschool rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00 - 4:30.


    Fall Festival

    Information and permission slips for the Fall Choral Festival at GHS will be distributed this week to Advanced Choir.



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  • Week of 9/14/15

    Posted by John ANDREWS at 9/13/2015

    This week the Stage Band and Choir classes will receive their Concert Reminder assignment for the Fall Concert.

    A PDF of the file can be found here: Fall Concert Reminders.



    Recital for the Second String is Tuesday. Practice room is open at Snack everyday. Next up: Combining Strings 1 & 2.



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  • Week of 9/7/15

    Posted by John ANDREWS at 9/7/2015

    Great news! The donorschoose.org project funded in just under a week thanks to the generous donations of so many family members and friends of our classes. The new equipment has arrived and we will unbox it tomorrow in class! I also received a few gift cards to donorschoose, so will run another smaller project very soon.



    Guitar moves on to String 2 for the next week or so along with practice on all three of our blues chords E, A, and D.


    Stage Band:

    We start our last song for the concert and make some hard decisions on the set list.



    Most of the songs are in their final stretch. We will finish up Bonse ABA this week.

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  • Week of 8/30/2015

    Posted by John ANDREWS at 8/29/2015

    Week 4


    Choir/Stage Band:


    It's just 22 practice days until the October 1st concert for choir and stage band! Both groups will continue to work on their songs for this week. 



    We continue to work on learning, String 1 pieces. The first true recital will be this Thursday where each student will play a piece from the 1st string pieces. 



    Thank you again to all who have been able to donate.


    As of Sunday at noon the project request was 50% funded. Any donation that you can make will help. Donate here and use the Coupon Code "SPARK" to double your donation up to $100.



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  • Week 3

    Posted by John ANDREWS at 8/22/2015

    On Thursday Night you parents will have a chance to visit the class and find out more about what we are doing and the program for this year.


    Guitar: Last week everyone succeeded in playing their first recital. This week we will tackle string 1 and learn several short pieces, work on correct fretting, and learn two more chords.


    Choir: All of the choir classes are well into learning the fall concert pieces. Just 26 class days until the Fall concert!


    Stage Band:.  The votes are in and the class has chosen "Drag Me Down" by One Direction as their new song. We will start work on that and a few others this week in preparation for the Fall concert.


    See you in class.

    Mr. Andrews



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  • Week 2

    Posted by John ANDREWS at 8/16/2015

    It's been a pleasure to meet all of the new Wilson Choir and Guitar students. This week we will start prepping for our fall concert which is just six short weeks away on October 1.


    Choir will begin singing Sing, Sing, Sing, and Good Night. 


    Stage Band will start picking songs to play.


    Guitar students will finally get their hands on the frets and start playing some simple tunes and chords.


    See you in Room 4104!

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  • Week 1

    Posted by John ANDREWS at 8/9/2015

    This week will be spent getting to know each other, and learning all of the procedures of our classes. 


    Guitar students will learn the parts of the guitar, how to read the notes in standard guitar notation, andk how be assigned their own guitar.

    Stage Band students will learn how to set up and strike their equipment and start playing songs for their fall concert.

    Choir students will learn or review basic warm ups and sight singing.

    Plus... The Cup Game. (ahhh...)


    See you soon.




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  • Welcome to 2015-2016

    Posted by Mr. A at 7/28/2015

    Welcome to Room 4104, one half of Wilson's awesome music department. This is where the choir, stage band, and guitar rock out and get ready for our incredible concerts. School starts on August 10, and I am busy getting everything ready for a great start. 

    If you did not sign up for a music class at Wilson, but would like to, send me an e-mail and I will get you set up.


    Check back for more information.

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