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Period 1 - 7th/8th Grade: English Language Arts
Period 2 - 7th Grade: World History - Collaborate w/Mr. Severa
Period 3 - 8th Grade: Physical Science - Collaborate w/Mrs. Gladstone
Period 4 - 6th Grade: English Language Arts 
Period 5 - Conference Period
Period 6 - 8th Grade: US History - Collaborate w/Ms. Casillas
1. Always ask permission to leave your seat.
2. Always raise your hand to speak.
3. Follow directions the first time given.
4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
5. Keep the teacher happy!
BE PREPARED! Make Sure you have the following items EVERYDAY.
1. Binder Reminder
2. Lined Paper
3. TWO Pencils and TWO Erasers (Minimum)
4. Highlighter
5. Positive Attitude to Learn!
1. Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings or you will be marked tardy.
2. Give your classmates a chance to learn -- See Rule #2!
3. Always be prepared to learn -- This means you should have necessary items everyday.
4. Make sure to complete all your classwork and homework. 
5. When you don't know or are unsure about anything, always ask an adult!


Wilson Middle School has a policy on tardiness: 

2 tardies = S in citizenship 

3 tardies = N in citizenship 

4 tardies = U in citizenship 


  •You will receive a warning on your 3rd Tardy. 

  •You will serve 20 minutes on your 4th tardy and each tardy after that AND Phone call 

    home will be made to your parents notifying them of a “U” in citizenship. 

    NOTE: Serving detention DOES NOT erase your tardy from the record. 

  •You will be referred to the counselor on your 5th tardy. 



Grades are calculated cumulatively. They are as follows: 

 90% and above =

 80% - 89%        = B 

 70% - 79%        = C 

 60% - 69%        = D/Credit 

 59% and below = F/No Credit 


Citizenship Grades 

O- Outstanding. 

1. Student is on time to class everyday.  

2. Follows classroom and school rules. 

3. Effort is above and beyond basic expectation of appropriate behavior.  


S- Satisfactory.  

1. Student has TWO (2) unexcused tardies to class.  

2. Follows classroom and school rules most of the time.  

3. Meets expectations of appropriate behavior most of the time.  


N- Needs Improvement.**

1. Student has THREE (3) unexcused tardies to class.  

2. Has a tendency to break classroom rules and school rules.  

3. Rarely meets expectations of appropriate behavior. 


U- Unsatisfactory.**

1. Student has FOUR (4) or more unexcused tardies to class.  

2. Student has a difficult time following class rules and school rules all the time. 

3. Student has difficulty meeting expectations of appropriate behavior. 

 **NOTE: Detention will be assigned for “N” and/or “U” behavior. 

Gum Chewing is NOT allowed – NO EXCEPTIONS! Consequences are as follows:

1st offense = Warning

2nd offense =You will earn an “S” in Citizenship.

3rd offense = You will earn an “N” in Citizenship

4th offense = You will earn a “U” in Citizenship; You will serve 20 minutes of detention for every time caught then and thereafter.

Last Modified on September 14, 2013